Iron Gym Extreme Pull Up Bar
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The Iron Gym Extreme is probably the most popular model of bar for home use. It is a high quality item that is readily available, portable, and inexpensive.

One of the best exercises for increasing your upper body strength is the pull up.

The pull up is one of the most challenging upper body exercises and will help to develop your overall strength. All you need is a Pull Up Bar.

The pull up is the ultimate test of upper body strength. While many people can knock out 30 or 40 push ups without breaking a sweat – the pull up is an exercise that is often overlooked…probably because it’s hard.

This is especially true if you are new to Calisthenics training.

How many guys do you know that can knock out 20 body weight pull ups in a row with perfect form? I myself am a fitness enthusiast and can just barely do 15-20 on a good day!


The benefits of Pull ups…

The pull up will force you to pull your entire body weight off of the ground and depending on your hand placement will work your biceps, deltoids, back, latimus dorsi, and even abdominals. If you are weak in a certain upper body muscle group the pull up will immediately expose your weakness. If you want to get the most out of your training program you need to do pull-ups regularly.

In my opinion pull-ups and press ups are the two best body weight exercises for building muscle mass in your upper body. With either exercise, a simple change in hand placement or direction can give you a wide array of benefits.

Balaz Adjustable Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
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An adjustable wall mounted bar like the Balaz model pictured provides you with more workout flexibility than a standard, non-adjustable bar.


The equipment options…

So we have covered the importance of pull ups, and I want to cover off a few of the bars that are available for you to purchase for your home that will allow you to do pull ups anytime.

As there are several types of bars, I won’t go in to detail here.  I’ll just list them below. Once I have written more informative articles about each type I will include the link to the list below. That should prevent you from having to scratch around elsewhere in this site looking for more info.

Anyways…the list:

As you can see there are a stack of options available to you and it may seem a little overwhelming especially if you are new to the game and don’t know which bar best suits your needs.

As I get around to completing the articles about the various types of bars, you’ll be able read up on them all and make an informed decision.



What can I say…Pull Ups should be part of any Calisthenics training routine. They are simply one of the best exercises around for developing Upper body strength.

And it’s a fact that to do them, you’ll need access to quality equipment, specifically a Pull Up Bar.

If you weren’t already aware, I hope this article has shown you that there are several options available. In my follow up articles I hope to help you to make an informed decision as to which type of bar is best suited to your needs.

Till then, take care as always and feel free to leave a comment or sign up to our FREE newsletter below.


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