If you want to train effectively in the comfort and privacy of your own home you will need quality equipment. One such piece of equipment that will enable you to do a stack of different exercises on the same platform is the combination pull up dip station, aka a Power Tower.

A Power Tower is great for performing a wide variety of different exercises, including Pull Ups (including most variations), Dips, Leg Raises, and Push Ups.

These exercises are part of a “staple” Calisthenics diet/routine and will substantially increase your strength and stability if you do them right.

But, to do them effectively, you need effective equipment. Let’s go over some things you will want to take in to consideration when looking at purchasing a Power Tower. By doing so, you will be in a better position to make an informed decision.


Why Use A Pull Up Dip Station?…

The video below showcases some of the exercises available on a Power Tower (in this case the Xmark Power Tower). Feel free to watch it before continuing to read about why you should be using a Pull Up Dip Station.



The chin up/pull up section of a combined pull up dip station is a great way to work the lats, the mid-back, the biceps, as well as the chest and triceps.

As with a regular pull up bar, it allows you to smash your upper and lower body using “complete” Calisthenics exercises.

In addition to regular Pull Ups, you can also perform most variations on this kind of bar. You can also give your mid section a thorough going over as well with hanging leg raises etc.

The Dip section of a combination pull up dip station allows you to knock out various dip exercises which are another Calisthenics “goodie”.

Most Power Towers also have Push Up bars on them. These are great for getting to full depth and really developing the chest and stretching it out.

The ability to do four of the key basic Calisthenics exercises (and their variations) on the one piece of equipment makes a Power Tower, ideal for those who want to get in shape in the comfort of their own home.


The Pros and Cons…

As with everything, there are good points and not so good points. Below is a few that I can think of off the top of my head…


  • They allow for a wide variety of different exercises to be performed
  • Although cumbersome, they are movable so you can stick them in the corner when you are not using them
  • The exercises on offer are a great way to improve your overall strength, balance and agility
  • Weights and other additional equipment items are not required
  • They are easy to set up


  • Although movable, they are somewhat cumbersome to move around the house and as it’s a “one stop shop”, if you are training with someone else, it can be a little cramped
  • They are in a higher price bracket than some of the other equipment options (on their own) but by the time you get one of everything, it’s probably similar.
  • Can move around a little if you are jerky in your movements (you shouldn’t be by the way). This could potentially cause the Tower to tip


What To Look For in a Power Tower…

When looking at Power Towers, you want to choose one that has a very solid base design and sturdy structure as this will prevent it from tipping over during use.

You’ll also want to make sure that the pull up bar is long/wide enough that you can easily execute wide grip pull-ups and other variations. This will allow you to incorporate more variety into your workout routine.

If you can get access, I strongly recommend jumping on one to test out your range of motion during each exercise.

For example, when doing pull ups, I have to tuck my legs up as I’m about 2m tall. People of average height should be fine. Although I prefer not to use the “leg raise” area of the tower, preferring to hang from the bar during this exercise, if you do intend to utilise this area of the tower, ensure the back pad position is going to be comfortable for you to use.

Finally, try and find one that has a high max loading, is relatively lightweight and is finished in a corrosive resistant finish.

If you are looking at buying a Tower, some good quality brands to consider are:


Lets take a look at my “Top 3” Pull Up Dip Station options:


My Number 1…

  • Product: Stamina Power Tower
  • Price: $250.00 USD (Retail)
  • Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com
  • My Rating: 4.5 out of 5
  • User Rating: 4.5 out of 5

My Number 2…

  • Product: XMARK Power Tower
  • Price: $319.00 USD (Retail)
  • Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com
  • My Rating: 4.5 out of 5
  • User Rating: 4.5 out of 5

My Number 3…

  • Product: Weider Power Tower
  • Price: $249.99 USD (Retail)
  • Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com
  • My Rating: 4 out of 5
  • User Rating: 4 out of 5



So there you have it…

A Power Tower will allow you to do pretty much all of your Calisthenics training on it and it won’t cost the earth. It’s probably a lot cheaper than paying for a yearly gym membership and you won’t have to buy several separate pieces of equipment.

You also get to train in the comfort of your own home….how sweet is that!

If you train with a partner though, you will probably find a tower to cramped and you should look at purchasing the required equipment separately.

Anyways…I hope this has helped you understand what things you should know and consider before venturing out and purchasing yourself a combination pull up dip station.

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment or sign up to our newsletter below…

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